Northern New Jersey Chimney Contractor Services

Welcome to Ace Pro Construction

Ace Pro Construction, a family-owned and -operated business, prioritizes your chimney cleaning, inspection and repair needs to ensure your family’s safety. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout our service area in Essex, Hudson and Bergen counties, including Newark and Jersey City. We can tackle any chimney contractor service you require.

Chimney Inspections

We can perform a visual and/or video scan to discover damage inside your chimney and utility flue. Regular inspections can:

  • Determine chimney integrity for all types of fuel.
  • Catch small issues before they cause expensive problems.
  • Save money, hassles and potential lawsuits if the property is for sale or rent.
  • Document changes over time.
  • Reassure peace of mind.

Preventive maintenance is always more cost-effective than repairs that could have been avoided. Whether you use your chimney regularly or only occasionally, an annual inspection is critical.

Chimney Cleanings

Chimney cleaning is the simplest form of maintenance. We are very neat, thorough and guarantee no mess! We use a high-powered dust vacuum to prevent soot from escaping and getting into the room. Most chimneys can be cleaned with a round or flat wired brush. After cleaning your chimney, we perform a Level 1 inspection to check the interior of your flue and ensure it’s safe to use.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association Standard 211 for solid fuels, your chimney should be cleaned annually. We offer a 10 percent discount on inspection and cleaning for our customers who schedule their cleaning before the end of August every year. We also can use chemical methods to help reduce creosote buildup between cleanings.

Chimney Repairs

Our chimney contractors also offer a full range of Chimney Repair services, including fireplace and utility flue relining, firebox repair, chimney crown repair, and repair and installation of chimney caps and dampers.

We also can maximize your chimney’s efficiency by:

  • Correcting back drafts.
  • Correcting PSE&G and oil company violations.
  • Repairing chimney leaks.
  • Repairing and replacing chase covers.
  • Performing chimney inspection levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Performing chimney certifications.
  • Installing A and B vents.
  • Performing full chimney rebuilds.

You always can expect outstanding workmanship from our experienced professionals at Ace pro Construction in Northern NJ. We keep your chimney in prime condition and protect your family’s safety! Contact us at 201-888-1071 or for a free estimate on any project today!