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A damaged chimney can be a serious fire hazard that puts your home and family at risk. Unfortunately, you can’t always tell your chimney isn’t safe just by looking at it. There are, however, several visible signs that chimney repair might be needed. Spotting these signs early not only helps protect the things you love, it also can save you money. If you notice any of signs of damage, contact a professional for chimney repair before it leads to total chimney replacement.

Cracked Crown

Carefully climb onto your roof to see if your chimney crown is cracked or otherwise damaged. A cracked crown can allow moisture to seep in and cause larger cracks. These cracks also could be a sign that water is seeping between your chimney and flue, which could lead to spalling and shaling (more information about these signs below).

Mortar Joint Deterioration

While you’re on the roof, check for deterioration in the mortar joints between the bricks. Damaged mortar exposes your chimney’s masonry to moisture that can cause your entire chimney to rapidly deteriorate. This moisture is most damaging in the winter when water freezes and thaws repeatedly and causes larger cracks to develop. If ignored, your chimney could collapse.


Rust in your firebox or on your damper is a sure sign that excess moisture is entering where it shouldn’t. This may cause deterioration or cracking in your flue tiles and allow too much heat into areas that could ignite a house fire.


Spalling happens when water enters your chimney’s masonry and causes bits of brick to flake or peel off. This deterioration can lead to crumbling and the collapse of your chimney. Signs of spalling are simple to spot and should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.


White stains on the exterior of your chimney is called efflorescence. This is another sign of excess moisture in your masonry that needs to be dealt with immediately or you risk chimney deterioration.


Shaling is similar to spalling, but in this case, the flue tiles inside your chimney begin breaking off. You may notice bits of tile inside your hearth when this occurs. However, shaling isn’t always readily apparent and may require close examination by a professional to discover this problem. Again, any damage to your flue lining could result in a house fire.

Damaged Wallpaper

Inside your home, look for damaged wallpaper near the chimney. This is often a sign of excess moisture inside your chimney. This moisture could be the result of any of the previously mentioned problems.
Even if you don’t see any obvious signs of damage, you should schedule a cleaning and an inspection once a year to ensure your chimney remains in good working order. If you’re in need of chimney repair in northern New Jersey, contact Ace Pro Construction for professional, effective chimney repair services you can count on. Call us at 201-888-1071 for a free estimate and to learn how we ensure your family’s safety.

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