Emergency Chimney Repair Services in Northern and Central Jersey

Many homes throughout Elmwood Park, Morris County, Bergen County, Essex County and Hudson County, NJ have at least one fireplace in the home. Having a fireplace is an excellent option for supplemental heating, and it definitely adds a welcoming look and warmth to any room in the house.

However, for any number of reasons, chimneys can become blocked or damaged. When this happens, you can call the experts at Ace Pro Construction for a full range of emergency chimney repair services.

Emergency Chimney Repair Services in Northern and Central Jersey

The two most common reasons why homeowners need emergency chimney repair services are blockages and damage. Blockages can be caused by birds or animals gaining entry through the top of the chimney and making nests. Blockages can also occur with snow and ice accumulation in the chimney over the winter months.

Chimney damage is most typically caused by storms or by fire. The expansion of ice in the chimney can also cause damage; however, our chimney repair services can solve all of these problems.

In addition to chimney repair, the team at Ace Pro Construction can also provide routine chimney cleaning services. This is a simple and effective way to ensure your fireplace is ready to use when the weather turns chilly.

For homeowners in Morris County, Bergen County, Essex Country and Hudson County, NJ, and for those living in Elmwood Park, call us today for more information on our emergency chimney repair services and our chimney cleaning solutions.

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